Pearl millet is an ancient crop that was domesticated 3,000 to 5,000 years ago in the grasslands of Africa, near the southern edge of the Sahara. By 2300 BC, pearl millet was found in Asia and is now a staple cereal crop in India. Researchers believe that the widespread development of millet farming was prompted by the rain deficiency in the Sahara Desert.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has selectively bred MooMillet® over 20 years. MooMillet® is a photosynthetic-sensitive hybrid, allowing for multiple harvests. In addition to its rich nutrient content of protein and sugars, MooMillet® has a high rate of digestibility.

• Performs well in drought and extreme heat conditions
• Grows up to 15 feet with roots ranging from 2-3 meters
• Regrows to allow for tillering

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